Darkroom Courses

Small class size of 2 people per session – call to arrange the best time to suit your schedule.

Darkroom Printing 1
4 – 2 hour classes PLUS 4 hours of personal darkroom time |$225.00

This beginner level course takes you through the procedures of making a B&W print in the darkroom – learning the basics of handling your negatives, using an enlarger, print exposure and contrast, making paper tests, dodging and burning, processing your print, making contact sheets and learning about paper types. By the end of this course, you will be able to navigate the darkroom and make your own B&W prints.

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Darkroom Techniques 2
4 – 2 hour classes PLUS 4 hours of personal darkroom time |$225.00

  • Printing for exposure, contrast, dodge & burn
  • Setting up your chemistry
  • Print toning
  • Print retouching

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Darkroom Techniques 3
4 – 2 hour classes PLUS 4 hours of personal darkroom time |$225.00

  • Refining printing skills
  • Working with large prints
  • Film processing
  • Archiving

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A great way to
re-connect to the photo
lover in yourself or as
a gift for another!

Instructor Bio

Fabrice Strippoli is a graduate of the Bachelor of Image Arts program at Ryerson University. He graduated in the last class of the Photography Stills program in 1998 and has been a darkroom fanatic ever since.
Fabrice has printed custom B&W and Colour work for professional photographers ranging from Larry Towell to Ed Burtynsky as well as countless other commercial and art photographers.
Specializing in printing large bodies of work for shows, exhibitions and books, Fabrice’s extensive technical ability combines with his appreciation for the artistic nature of a fine art print and how to bring the best out of a negative.

Fabrice’s knowledge and experience is enhanced by his supportive and encouraging style and is an excellent asset in the back pocket of anyone who wants to grow their own skills in photography and have some fun doing it!